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About the Course

Do the work of 10 people in a matter of hours

Power is an excellent tool for any reporting task. What before took complete workdays and teams in Excel, Power allows you to complete it in minutes.

The salaries for analysts who dominate Power are considerably times higher than the average. Knowing how to use Power makes you a key player in data reporting in your company.

Want to take the next step in your career? This course is for you

Exclusive content

Our course includes cutting edge topics. You will not find these subjects presented with exclusive case studies

Dive deep into formulas

We take an in depth look at formulas in DAX. Very few courses go deep on this level.

Get access to Excel and VBA

Get access to 4 excellent courses paying only for Power BI. The rest are free for you.

What you will for only US$200

Power BI and Power Pivot Basics

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Data Modeling and Special Cases

Advanced Formulas in DAX (properly explained)

Interactive Reporting with Dashboards

Our Clients

We have implemented Power BI in several companies throughout our history, find some below

“With the DAX formulas that I learned in the course I was able to put together a reporting system for my unit that replaced a process that took hours during the closing of the month, for me and all my colleagues. The project had so much impact that it garnered visibility at the CFO level.”

Sergio Ramírez

HP Inc

A taste of the course: SUMX

This course is the best on the internet, but you do not need to believe us. Below is a sample video of what you will find in the online course.

How will we get you to Power Mastery?

Learn why our course is far superior to everything you've taken before. By the end you will be far above any "advanced" user.

Learn with Real Case Studies

You will apply what you have learned in real-life case studies. Help an airport optimize its download times. Find out why restaurant sales are going down. Decide which is the best way to sell shoes. When finished, you will know when to apply each learned concept.

Expert and fun Teachers

You will not see a video with someone monotonously dictating from a manual. Our teachers know how to make the class pleasant, what are your main doubts, and where to stop to explain the most complicated parts.

Emphasis on Teaching

Our course is based on years of giving face-to-face classes, so we know which are the topics that you should see first, and which ones later. This facilitates your learning and will lead you to be an Excel champion quickly.

Certification upon finishing

At the end you'll be able to apply for our exclusive certification in Excel. Not everybody who tries gets it; with only a 30% pass rate, our certification truly means you mastered Excel.

Exclusive Certification at finish ¿How does it work?

Our certifications are respected by companies because we don't just give them to anyone. Finishing the course DOES NOT GUARANTEE a certificate. First, you have to approve the final exam.

A Credible Exam

We will apply a case study exam. You'll be handed a file with dirty and incomplete data, and return an interactive Dashboard with the data requested. The exam level will determine the tools you are expected to use: from pivot tables to VBA and Power BI.

Certificación Exclusiva Exclusive Certification

Only 30% of those that present our exams approve. This makes our certification exclusive and reliable before companies. If you want to pass, make sure you can solve our case studies for yourself!

4 levels of certification

We offer 4 levels of certification, one for each course. According to the level you want to reach, it is the test that we apply to you. You must be prepared for the level you want. Acquiring the course gives you the right to one FREE attempt for each exam for each level.

"The course is Excellent! Thanks to the Power BI tricks I learned in the course I managed to impress the American interviewers for a well paid job at HP I was applying to."

- José Luis Dominguez

HP Inc

Power BI and Power Pivot Course Syllabus

The full topic list for the course

  • Setup Power Query| 4m 21s
  • Setup Power Pivot | 5m 13s
  • Setup Power BI | 3m 34s
  • Learn Power Query | 23m 24s
  • Power Query and Power BI | 16m 21s
  • Combine Tables| 9m 3s
  • Annex Tables| 9m 15s
  • Unpivot Tables| 6m 23s
  • Intro to case and Power Pivot | 8m 21s
  • Data Model | 8m 21s
  • Relationships between tables| 12m .6s
  • Measures | 13m 21s
  • Slicers | 7m
  • Transaction costs| 6m 1s
  • Previous Costs | 10m 31s
  • Date Tables | 7m 22s
  • Difference Measures| 7m 5s
  • Month vs month Chart| 8m 6s
  • Same Month Previous Year | 11m 22s
  • Intro and Power BI online | 10m 3s
  • First Visual| 9m 18s
  • Basic Charts and Visuals| 13m 30s
  • Complete report in Power| 15m 30s
  • Share| 4m 14s
  • SUMX | 12m 14s
  • FILTER | 10m 32s
  • SUMMARIZE| 15m 28s
  • CALCULATE| 11m 36s
  • VALUES | 4m 35s
  • EARLIER| 11m 36s
  • Cumulative Totals| 17m 29s
  • Related Distinct Count| 12m 3s
  • Parameter Tables| 13m 22s
  • Dynamic and Static Segmentation| 14m 9s
  • ABC Classification| 17m 14s
  • Header Detail Relatioship| 20m 32s
  • Multiple Fact Tables | 21m 19s
  • Many to Many Relationships | 15m 13s
  • Date Tables| 14m 30s
  • Cumulative to Date| 17m 1s
  • Workdays| 17m 15s
  • Special Periods| 11m 22s
  • ISO weeks| 19m 15s
  • What is PBI Desktop? | 2m 16s
  • Import Data | 7m 12s
  • Create Relationships | 2m 24s
  • Clean up the data in PBI| 9m 34s
  • Visuals and tip by waiter | 11m 9s
  • Basic Measures| 6m 30s
  • Maps in Power BI | 10m 27s
  • Bubble Chart| 7m 32s
  • Filters and Tables | 5m 14s
  • Intro | 2m 16s
  • Power Query Cleanup | 7m 12s
  • Pivot Tables| 2m 24s
  • Intro to Case Study | 4m 30s
  • 2.1. Macro - General | 2m 1s
  • 2. Macros - General| 9m
  • 3. Macro- Copy and Paste Tables| 10m 30s
  • 3.1. Build a Table | 3m 32s
  • 4. Project Cleanup| 4m 7s
  • 5. Macro - Balance Sheet cleanup | 4m 25s
  • 6. Power Query Cleanup| 3m 2s
  • Budget Preliminary knowledge | 21m 7s
  • Budgets | 3m 33s
  • Data Cleanup| 22m 27s
  • Data Model| 7m 35s
  • Measures and Initial Bridges | 17m 35s
  • Budget Measure| 18m 4s
  • Budget Measure (again)| 11m 25s
  • Initial Video | 3m 25s
  • Data Model| 12m
  • Dashboard and Basic Measures | 11m 18s
  • Amount and Average Income| 7m 4s
  • Static Segmentation Chart | 17m 7s
  • Filler Chart| 3m 13s
  • First Matrix | 5m 1s
  • 2 Products| 11m 9s
  • Order and Income Analysis| 12m 21s
  • Initial Video | 6m 18s
  • Doc Analysis| 7m 23s
  • Data Model| 8m 5s
  • Basic Inventory measures| 15m
  • Inventory Measures | 14m 15s
  • Daily Inventory Measures| 7m 30s
  • Gross Margin| 7m 32s
  • GMROI Inv Max and Min| 3m 13s
  • Final Report| 21m 35s
  • Doc 2 and Final| 5m 21s

Upon finishing the course you'll be an expert in the most sought after skill for business analyistsA Power BI and DAX expert can demand some of the highest slaries in the market. .

"With the skills I learned for Power BI from the Online Course I implemented dashboards that make data visualization easier.

Mayte Fernandez

CEDI School

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