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Become the Excel Master companies NEED

By the end of this course you'll be an


You'll have Excel doing your work for you

Excel can be a frustrating experience

Most professionals are thrown into the workplace without any formal Excel training at all.

And they have no clue how to make their spreadsheets work seamlessly.

They just hope that the combination of formulas that they cobbled together, without any experience, can somehow get them to the results they wanted.

They end up working 11-hour days.

And they know all along “There has to be an easier way of doing this!”

Fortunately, they’re right

There is an easier way; and we’ve taught it to thousands of students for the last five years.

We know exactly the kinds of frustrations and Excel errors you’re running into.

And most importantly we know exactly what path you need to take to become an Excel Master.

Because the truth is...

Excel is designed to help you succeed at work

Excel is built to help you!

The engineers at Microsoft did not purposefully set out to make Excel as difficult as possible. On the contrary.

Excel has all sorts of tools that will make you succeed at work.

They’re just waiting for you to learn how to use them. A small price to pay for getting back dozens of hours of your life. Every Week.

We’ve trained thousands of people on how to use Excel.

We’ve seen pretty much every workflow, every process, every possible scenario of Excel usage.

With our Excel training you’ll learn exactly the tools you need, in exactly the order you need to learn them.

You'll get Excel to do your work for you.

How make Excel do your work for you

All our Excel experience – and more- is ready for you in our breakthrough program: “Become the Excel Master companies NEED”.

This is the only program on the market that combines all 3 aspects of Excel – the Core Excel program, VBA programming and Power Pivot – and teaches them in a single package.

We’ll teach you how to successfully navigate all of Excel’s tools and apply them to your workplace.

And how to become the Excel Master employers fight for.

You’ll seamlessly clean up dirty spreadsheets and breathe life into your data….

You’ll make analysis that others find impossible using Excel’s powerful Power Pivot tools…

You’ll effortlessly automate your work with Macros and VBA…

And you’ll impress your bosses with amazing dashboards…

When you know how to use Excel properly, combine all tools, Excel will literally do your job for you.

6 reasons why this course is a MUST HAVE to learn Excel.

Excel + Macros + Power BI Bundle

This is the only course in the market to bundle Excel + VBA + Power Pivot into one. And we’re not just glossing over each topic – you’re actually getting an in depth look at each one of these products that’ll make you a ninja in all 3 of them.

Real Life Case Studies

You won’t learn without context. You’ll apply every single tool we teach you into our 15 exclusive real-life case studies. Each with their own detailed solution, you’ll know what it’s like to apply every excel tool in a real job scenario

Step by Step

We’ve taught over 3000 students, on and offline, and know exactly how to make an Excel master out of you. We’ll scaffold your knowledge and build on previous concepts so you’re always practicing – and always improving your skills.

Awesome content

42 hours in total of top-quality video classes – delivered straight to your computer. Taught by an excellent instructor that’ll leave you wanting more.

Power Pivot

The best thing to ever happen to Excel – Power pivot is an awesome tool that lets you do the work of 10 analysts. And we cover it in–depth with 17 hours of video. Other courses with similar content (of just power Pivot) would run you upwards of $350!


Automate your job – and your coworkers, with Macros and VBA in Excel. With 12 hours total of video classes you’ll become proficient at automating menial tasks in Excel – and becoming invaluable to your employers in the process

Includes these courses for the price of 1 US$39

(Valued at US$616)

Intermadiate Excel (Yellow Belt Certification)


10h 17m

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Advanced Excel (Green Belt Certification)


5h 32m

Macros and VBA (Black Belt Certification)


9h 21m

Power BI and Power Pivot (Black Belt Certification)


16h 30m

Our Clients

We've worked with tons of companies throughout our 3 year history. Get to know who has benefitted from our course.

“This course is Excellent!...I can't stop looking at the videos!! Plus, Dan makes things dynamic and is not boring at all..”

Brenda Navarro

Government of Guanajuato

A taste of the course: Dashboards

This course is the best one in the internet, but there is no need to take our word for it. Check out a video of what you'll find in the online course.

Here are the EXCEL SECRETS you’ll discover when you get our program Today:

Step 1:

Learn how to absolutely control the Excel Basics

To begin getting Excel to Work for you, you must begin by making sure you understand all the tips and tricks you might have missed from learning Excel on the go. Otherwise, some of the more advanced stuff will never click.

In this first section you’ll discover:

  • 7 essential tips that make all kinds of Excel work Easier
  • The 16 keyboard shortcuts that you cannot work without. (not using these quietly eats into your work time, it’s surprising how much time we lose when using the mouse)
  • Why learning how to do relative references will simplify your formulas beyond belief. No more duplicating formulas when dragging them around.

And so much more.

The first section of the program is going to lay a solid foundation that will allow you to easily digest the more advanced concepts to come.

Step 2:

Master the art of using Pivot tables to create amazing Dashboards

Once you have solid foundations, it’s time to scaffold up into something beautiful.

This section is the most important one: we’ll quickly allow you to develop empowering Excel skills with the Pivot table that will help you throughout the rest of the course, and most importantly, your work life.

In this first section you’ll discover:

  • How to set up your data properly! This topic never ever gets covered and it absolutely kills most analysts. Without this step, it'll be impossible for you to leverage Excel’s more powerful tools.
  • The simple way to quickly analyze data with Pivot tables – no complicated formulas needed
  • Excel allows us to create all kinds of charts, some of them quite regrettable. No more: discover the 5 elements to make an impactful presentation.
  • More importantly – Create an impressive Dashboard that is as sure to wow everyone at the office as it is to provide an easy to read way of delivering data

And so much more.

You’ll notice and inmediate and undeniable effect on your Excel Skills as you move through this process… and it’s only the second step.

Step 3:

Apply what you learned with REAL Business Case Studies

And unless you know all the little details and variations you can run into when doing your jub, you’ll quickly sabotage any use you can get out of your Excel tools.

  • Solve 15 different case studies throughout the course – on your own or follow our detailed video solutions….
  • All of the case studies stretch your abilities to the max. If you can tackle them in our course, there’s definitively nothing your work can throw at you that can challenge you.

Our case studies are the glue that makes it all take shape. As you figure out where each Excel tool can help you across different businesses and different departments.

Step 4:

Dominate the most important Excel Functions

Excel has upward of 300 different formulas and functions… and this can be really intimidating! Fortunately, only a handful (only 5 really) are absolutely necessary for you to tower above the competition at the office.

I see it all the time, people who know some esoteric function or other are left behind by people who can wring 10 different uses out of the same old formulas.

  • • How to master the IF function and all of its variations. From simple Ifs to nested ifs all the way to multiple conditions, no more wondering how you would get Excel to make a decision
  • • The easiest way (by far!) to understand Vlookups in Excel. You’ll start out with the basics and build up to VLOOKUPs on Multiple tables and approximate matches
  • • How to perform searches with Index and Match on every possible situation imaginable.
  • • Finally understand your SumIf and SumIFs; more importantly, when to use them and when are pivot tables a better option.

If you want to attain demonstrable mastery in Excel, you’ll need to practice these functions in our case studies as well.

By the time you finish this step you’ll be head and shoulders – and body – above the competitions. Most Excel users have spent decades and not even gotten to within a fraction of this knowledge.

Step 5:

Automate Boring tasks with VBA

By this point you’re already a Powerful Excel user. We’re going to take you the extra mile.

This section, 12 hours long, will show how to become a VBA programmer from scratch! The benefit? All of your menial Excel labor will be gone

Knowing how to program Macros in Excel with VBA is a skill highly sought after by employers.

  • Start by recording macros and larning how to use the VBA editor.
  • Progress your way up by nailing down the elemental concepts of programming – loops, cycles, conditionals variables.
  • Apply what you learned with 5 different VBA case studies. Everything from automating the creation of an invoice, to extracting data out of emails and into an Excel dashboard, to automating the creation of Power Point Presentations from Excel.

This section will set you miles ahead of your competition, and you’ll become a truly valuable asset as an analyst for any company that’s lucky enough to have you

Step 6:

Make Magic with Power Pivot and Power BI

Move over old Excel – there’s a new sheriff in town: Power Pivot. Excel’s new tool allows you perform analysis that were impossible with Excel just a few years ago.

Power Pivot provides an incredible turbo-boost to your Pivot Tables and your data gathering process. It will literally allow you to do the work of 10 analysts – in just 2 hours a week.

Power Pivot and Power BI skills are the best paid Excel skills by far nowadays.

After our 17-hour course into every single analysis possibility with Power Pivot, you will be an absolute ninja of this awesome tool.

  • Learn DAX language skills that you’ll only find elsewhere in courses that sell for $350 – included right into our course
  • You’ll be able to automate the data connection and cleanup. No more downloading new data every month to prepare your reports. .
  • Power Pivot – via its DAX language – allows you to perform impossible operations and make them interactive.

Plus 5 case studies and a considerable number of tricks for handling pretty much every exception your data models can throw at you.

Here’s just some of the Excel Secrets that you’ll discover

How to develop powerful data visualization skills in Excel & Power BI that will instantly catch the attention of anybody reading your reports …. You’ll notice an inmediate uptick in the quality of your presentations. And all without any complicated gimmicks!

How to bend Excel and DAX formulas to your will, the right way. There’s a task for every function and you can be sure Microsoft’s developers thought about it. You’ll find out there were things you didn’t even suspect were possible.

Techniques and best practices you can use to clean up your dirty data. From text formulas in Excel to Power Query connections that automate data cleanup, to full on VBA report automatizations that can tackle even the most complicated formatting schemes.

Exactly how to avoid common (and rare) Excel errors that you are most prone to run into. You will be able to create and deliver bulletproof spreadsheets that can contemplate practically any unforeseen circumnstances.

Powerful VBA Programming Techniques to automate your work away… and your coworkers as well! VBA can take over most of the menial Excel tasks you have to perform repeatedly. Our VBA course will teach you how to get rid of them.

How to automate monthly close procedures so that you never have to create reports repeatedly every single month and quarter again. By leveraging the magic of power pivot, you can and will create an amazing system that self-updates and self calculates. You only have to work once.

Exclusive Certification at finish ¿How does it work?

Our certifications are respected by companies because we don't just hand them out to anyone. Finishing the course DOES NOT GUARANTEE a certificate. First, you have to approve the final exam.

A Credible Exam

We will apply a case study exam. You'll be handed a file with dirty and incomplete data, and return an interactive Dashboard with the data requested. The exam level will determine the tools you are expected to use: from pivot tables to VBA and Power BI.

Certificación Exclusiva Exclusive Certification

Only 30% of those that present our exams approve. This makes our certification exclusive and reliable before companies. If you want to pass, make sure you can solve our case studies for yourself!

3 levels of certification

We offer 3 levels of certification, one for each course (Excel, Macros, Power BI). We apply the test based on the level you want to reachu. You must be prepared for the level you want. Acquiring the course gives you the right to one FREE attempt for each exam for each level.

"Super Recommended! We're currently getting it att eh office, super practical and excellent teacher Claudia."

- Janeth Romero Castellanos


How it Works

You are about to start your journey to be an Excel expert.

Take the Course

Each of our 4 modules starts by teaching you the basics so you can be competent in the Excel topic discussed. 60 lessons in total with well – contextualized exercises that will leave you ready for the case studies.

Complete Case Studies

At the end of each of our 4 modules you’ll be faced with 3-5 Real life cases studies each. You can choose to tackle them on your own or follow along our detailed video solutions. Make sure you practice! The exam is based on the case studies.

Pass the Exam

Schedule your exam at the end of each module. Each exam is built as a case study – there’s no way you can learn by rote and pass. You’ll have to bring to bear all of your analytical skills to get certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know

  • Depends on your time commitment. We’ve found 5-8 hours a week is the best for a 3-month finish. However, some people take far more and other blitz through the content. We recommend going through the exercises and cases studies conscientiously – that may sometimes take more than 3 months, but it will be well worth it.
  • Our Exam and certification has been highly regarded in Latin America because we test for analytical capacity, not rote memorization. You’ll be handed a case study and tasked to extract important information from a database that is full of errors. You’ll have 3 hours to return a fully-fledged dashboard that details the solution to the case study prompt.
    • A lot! We’ve strived to make the course the best you can get at any price – and this power bi course will teach you stuff you won’t get elsewhere for less than $350! We cover everything from set up all the way to adavanced Dax Formulas, patterns and special scenarios in Data Modeling.
  • Your course only includes 1 free try on the exam. You’ll have to pay 40 USD to retake on a future date with a new version of the Exam. Our exam is hard! Only 30% of aspirants pass on any given moment. Old exams get recycled and uploaded to the course as practice exams.
  • We can anwer questions via mail and whatsapp. Live one-on-one coaching is available but is charged separately.
  • Lifetime access. You can check out the course for however long you want, however many times you want. Even better, you’ll have access to any updates we post and new practice exams.

Become an absolute EXCEL MASTER

Full Topic list

This course bundle is a massive 42 hours of video. Check out in detail what you'll learn.

Beginner-Intermediate Excel Topic List

Syllabus for the first course

  • Why use the keyboard | 6m 5s
  • Rapid Movement, cut and copy
  • Columns Rows and Cells
  • Formatting Shortcuts and Saving
  • Excel Tips | 7m 4s
    • Simple Formulas | 7m 6s
    • Operators | 10m 4s
    • References | 13m 16s
  • Case Study: Restaurant | 4m 0s
  • Normalized Tables | 4m 15s
  • Insert a Pivot Table | 2m 12s
  • Excel Tables | 8m 7s
  • Pivot Tables - Getting Started | 6m 15s
  • Pivot Tables TIps by Waiter | 2m 22s
  • Waiter Analyisis | 6m 33s
  • Customer Analysis | 22s
  • Conclusions | 6m 5s
  • Intro to Charts | 9m 35s
  • Tables vs Charts | 15m 16s
  • Replace that Pie Chart | 11m 6s
  • Line Charts | 16m 17s
  • Bar Charts on your own. | 6m 28s
  • Intro | 9m 8s
  • Total Sales | 11m 24s
  • Costs and Income | 9m 8s
  • Charts | 11m 24s
  • Top 10 Table | 9m 8s
  • Slicers | 11m 24s
  • Highlight cells rules | 8m 6s
  • Color Scales | 10m 1s
  • Unique Values | 8m 1s
  • Above and below Average | 16m 17s
  • Top Bottom Rules | 5m 27s
  • Challenge | 15m 5s
  • Welcome to case Studies | 8m 27s
  • Intro | 17m 20s
  • Normalizing the Table | 12m 12s
  • Extracting Useful Data | 13m 12s
  • Cleaning up the Table | 7m 25s
  • Severance Calculation | 9m 15s
  • Raise Calculations | 19m 30s
  • Analyisis | 9m 15s
  • Dashboard | 19m 30s
  • Intro to Case Study | 7m 9s
  • Normalizing the Table | 13m 16s
  • Analysis | 12m 14s
  • Doc Analysis | 6m 19s
  • Dashboard | 7m 29s
  • Dashboard 2 | 13m 29s
  • Preliminar - Presupuesto | 34m 27s
  • Intro to Case Study | 3m 0s
  • Table Cleanup | 7m 4s
  • First Look| 11m 0s
  • Reading the Docs | 20m 9s
  • Analysis | 15m 16s
  • Dashboard| 12m 1s
  • Bridge| 12m 1s
  • Bridge by projects| 12m 1s

When you finish this first online Excel course you'll be able to build dashboards like these

I just finished the Excel course. With zero starting knowledge I'm thrilled by the way they teach; it was very simple for me to learn tons of concpets and tips that save lives. Totally recommended!"

Marisa Diaz


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Advanced Excel topic List

The full syllabus for the second course

  • Intro to Conditionals| 7m 12s
  • Nested IFS | 11m 9s
  • And/OR Ifs| 8m 10s
  • Operators with IFs| 5m 29s
  • HW review| 9m 16s
  • Intro | 7m 5s
  • Consumption Prices | 11m 30s
  • Inexact Search with lookup| 4m 33s
  • Multiple Searches| 7m 19s
  • HW Review| 10m 30s
  • Simple Sum | 3m 9s
  • Cumulative Sum | 2m 22s
  • Sum IF| 3m 30s
  • HW Inventory 1 | 4m 6s
  • HW Inventory 2 and 3| 7m 35s
  • HW Inventory 4,5,6 | 2m 1s
  • HW Inventory 7,8,9 | 2m 11s
  • CountIF | 3m 17s
  • Additional Exercises | 11m 13s
  • Index | 4m 24s
  • Inex and match | 6m 25s
  • 1 Column Example| 4m 3s
  • Right to left Example| 2m 20s
  • Vlookup Replacement | 3m 15s
  • Horizontal Index and Match| 5m 9s
  • HW review | 12m 8s
  • Basic Text Functions| 6m
  • Name fixing and flash fill | 8m 21s
  • Worksheet | 8m 18s
  • Intro and Data | 8m 3s
  • Game Number | 8m 25s
  • Itinerary by place| 10m 16s
  • Remove the Os| 3m 4s
  • Competition costs | 5m 21s
  • Calculations and Conclusions| 9m 19s
  • Intro | 4m 30s
  • Removing dashes and KWH | 5m .6s
  • Extract the KWH| 5m 10s
  • Extract the Hour| 3m 15s
  • Extract the Date| 9m 21s

When you finish this course, you will be an expert in all advanced Excel functions like Vlookup, Index and Match, SumIF and conditionals.

"The teacher is awesome! Classes are dynamic and plus, the online case studies teach stuff that saves lives and labor hours, you have to take it"

Claudia Martínez

CHUBB Insurance

VBA and Macros Topic List

The complete syllabus for the third course

  • The developer Tab| 3m 2s
  • Record a Macro| 6m 9s
  • Create a Button| 3m 18s
  • Visual Basic Editor| 8m 30s
  • Build an Antimacro | 5m 26s
  • Select a Worksheet| 6m 28s
  • Save a File with Macros| 3m 15s
  • Cut and Paste via recording| 3m 25s
  • Copy and paste via recording | 2m 30s
  • Copy and paste with VBA | 6m 15s
  • Cut and Paste | 4m 12s
  • Search a Worksheet | 9m 24s
  • Paste as Values | 7m 16s
  • Copy and Paste as values in another worksheet | 5m 4s
  • Declaring Variables| 8m 16s
  • Data Types| 4m 4s
  • Operations| 7m 13s
  • Getting Values | 10m 1s
  • Printing Values| 5m 22s
  • If then | 8m 23s
  • If then else - Simple| 8m 13s
  • If then else - Advanced| 3m 10s
  • If then else- Hard| 6m 22s
  • Input boxes | 2m 11s
  • If then else| 11m 28s
  • If then else - On your own| 6m 2s
  • Your first loop| 9m 10s
  • All odd numbers | 3m 22s
  • 50 Numbers | 6m 34s
  • 50 odd numbers | 7m 21s
  • For each cell in range | 7m 22s
  • For each cell | 4m 13s
  • Factorial| 7m
  • Intro to Activity | 6m .6s
  • Prepare the Worksheet | 2m 24s
  • Macro 1| 8m 25s
  • Macro 2| 5m 14s
  • With and Error Management | 12m 14s
  • Intro Video| 5m 33s
  • Add Quotas and separate columns| 8m 4s
  • Trimester Number| 3m 35s
  • Cover sheet | 11m 1s
  • Begin the Macro| 9m 20s
  • More Programming| 10m 1s
  • Macro - Copy and paste the Table| 15m 3s
  • Macro - Finish the case study| 17m 32s
  • Preliminary Exercise - Data| 6m 21s
  • Initial Video | 4m 25s
  • Paste Table | 4m 12s
  • Costs and Income | 12m 12s
  • Doc analysis | 6m 31s
  • Analysis | 16m .6s
  • Dashboard | 11m 20s
  • Text files | 13m 19s
  • Intro Video | 4m 25s
  • Build the cover sheet | 4m 12s
  • General | 12m 12s
  • Read the Text file | 6m 31s
  • Extract the Data | 16m .6s
  • Analysis and Dashboard | 11m 20s
  • Working with Charts| 4m 19s
  • Working with Pivot Tables| 11m 6s
  • Intro| 8m 8s
  • Cover Worksheet| 9m 20s
  • Macro | 7m 21s
  • Macro, build the pivot table | 16m 35s
  • Macro, build the bridge | 17m 1s
  • Macro, copy and Paste the table| 15m 3s
  • Macro Build the bridge| 23m 30s
  • Macro Build the bridge 2| 3m 12s
  • Macro - formatting| 4m 17s
  • Macro - Building the CHart| 4m 8s
  • Macro - Passing to PPT| 4m 6s

This course will teach you how to automate tedious office processes and make the computer work for you.

It will NOT teach you how to build complete ERPs.

"An excellent Excel course and an excellent professional the tacher ... if you want professional training this is the ideal"

Luis de Lucio

Toka Vales

A taste of the course: DAX Measures

This Excel course is the best one online, but you don't need to believe us. Up next a video that shows what you'll find in the online course.

Course Topic List: Power BI and Power Pivot

Full Syllabus for our fourth course

  • Setup Power Query| 4m 21s
  • Setup Power Pivot | 5m 13s
  • Setup Power BI | 3m 34s
  • Learn Power Query | 23m 24s
  • Power Query and Power BI | 16m 21s
  • Combine Tables| 9m 3s
  • Annex Tables| 9m 15s
  • Unpivot Tables| 6m 23s
  • Intro to case and Power Pivot | 8m 21s
  • Data Model | 8m 21s
  • Relationships between tables| 12m .6s
  • Measures | 13m 21s
  • Slicers | 7m
  • Transaction costs| 6m 1s
  • Previous Costs | 10m 31s
  • Date Tables | 7m 22s
  • Difference Measures| 7m 5s
  • Month vs month Chart| 8m 6s
  • Same Month Previous Year | 11m 22s
  • Intro and Power BI online | 10m 3s
  • First Visual| 9m 18s
  • Basic Charts and Visuals| 13m 30s
  • Complete report in Power| 15m 30s
  • Share| 4m 14s
  • SUMX | 12m 14s
  • FILTER | 10m 32s
  • SUMMARIZE| 15m 28s
  • CALCULATE| 11m 36s
  • VALUES | 4m 35s
  • EARLIER| 11m 36s
  • Cumulative Totals| 17m 29s
  • Related Distinct Count| 12m 3s
  • Parameter Tables| 13m 22s
  • Dynamic and Static Segmentation| 14m 9s
  • ABC Classification| 17m 14s
  • Header Detail Relatioship| 20m 32s
  • Multiple Fact Tables | 21m 19s
  • Many to Many Relationships | 15m 13s
  • Date Tables| 14m 30s
  • Cumulative to Date| 17m 1s
  • Workdays| 17m 15s
  • Special Periods| 11m 22s
  • ISO weeks| 19m 15s
  • What is PBI Desktop? | 2m 16s
  • Import Data | 7m 12s
  • Create Relationships | 2m 24s
  • Clean up the data in PBI| 9m 34s
  • Visuals and tip by waiter | 11m 9s
  • Basic Measures| 6m 30s
  • Maps in Power BI | 10m 27s
  • Bubble Chart| 7m 32s
  • Filters and Tables | 5m 14s
  • Intro | 2m 16s
  • Power Query Cleanup | 7m 12s
  • Pivot Tables| 2m 24s
  • Intro to Case Study | 4m 30s
  • 2.1. Macro - General | 2m 1s
  • 2. Macros - General| 9m
  • 3. Macro- Copy and Paste Tables| 10m 30s
  • 3.1. Build a Table | 3m 32s
  • 4. Project Cleanup| 4m 7s
  • 5. Macro - Balance Sheet cleanup | 4m 25s
  • 6. Power Query Cleanup| 3m 2s
  • Budget Preliminary knowledge | 21m 7s
  • Budgets | 3m 33s
  • Data Cleanup| 22m 27s
  • Data Model| 7m 35s
  • Measures and Initial Bridges | 17m 35s
  • Budget Measure| 18m 4s
  • Budget Measure (again)| 11m 25s
  • Initial Video | 3m 25s
  • Data Model| 12m
  • Dashboard and Basic Measures | 11m 18s
  • Amount and Average Income| 7m 4s
  • Static Segmentation Chart | 17m 7s
  • Filler Chart| 3m 13s
  • First Matrix | 5m 1s
  • 2 Products| 11m 9s
  • Order and Income Analysis| 12m 21s
  • Initial Video | 6m 18s
  • Doc Analysis| 7m 23s
  • Data Model| 8m 5s
  • Basic Inventory measures| 15m
  • Inventory Measures | 14m 15s
  • Daily Inventory Measures| 7m 30s
  • Gross Margin| 7m 32s
  • GMROI Inv Max and Min| 3m 13s
  • Final Report| 21m 35s
  • Doc 2 and Final| 5m 21s

Upon finishing the course you'll be an expert in the most sought after skill for business analyistsA Power BI and DAX expert can demand some of the highest slaries in the market. .

I took the Excel course and I really left quite happy. THe examples and exercises with which you work in classes are very good and based on real cases, so you learn so much more because you are working with data and problems that you can find outside the classroom. They make you think a lot to try and solve problems. I recommend it a lot!"

Gonzalo Cordero Arias


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Ample opportunity to practice with all the exercises we offer you.

"Super Recommended! Excellent Excel course! The course is focused on learning how to use and manage the datadabases in an analytical fashion. Super professionals, excellent attention and follow-up."

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